Cluse Damen Armbanduhr Analog Quarz Edelstahl CL30010

101,68 (as of 11. September 2018, 3:14) 65,77

Cluse Minuit Armbanduhr Gold
Durchmesser 33 mm
Armbandmaterial: Edelstahl



Minuit collection pays tribute to starry nights and grazil evening looks. The delicate design of this featherlight watch makes it the perfect accessory for a fashionable, yet subtle result. The watch features a 33mm case, where white is combined with gold details to create a beautiful minimalist timepiece. The strap rund be easily interchanged, allowing you to personalise your watch.
Cluse Minuit Armbanduhr Aurum
Diameter 33 mm
Armbandmaterial: Nirosta